From simple photo sessions to science documentaries, we will be glad to discuss with you the best way you can turn your work into powerful, beautiful images and spread it to the world.

Our scientific background gives our services a strong edge in scientific understanding, clear scientific language and overall theme and results presentation. Most media companies masters only media, and between us, they do not know much about science, nature and the environment. In the other hand, most people, organisations and companies know very little about media. So, by acknowledging each other's expertise we can break new ground together.

Professional photography services for the scientific, educational and environmental areas


Professional filmmaking services for the scientific, educational and environmental areas


lectures, courses

& workshops

Lectures, courses, workshops and consultancy on scientific, educational and environmental photography and filmmaking

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Professional homepages for researcher, educators, projects and research groups.

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“The Natural Media provides the perfect solutions for advertising nature and science to the general public.” 

- Gustavo Heiden, Ph.D.



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