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The little things

"The little things in life is what makes it worth it"! You have certainly heard that phrase before. And it's true!

There's one thing that, more and more I realise, makes me really happy ... photographing and filming nature.

First, you have to go to beautiful places, sometimes at early hours, and study the best views to take your shots. Second, you get that feeling that you have to capture and "immortalise" that scene at that moment.

To capture natural scenes is like a therapy or meditation. It's the time I have to fully concentrate on choosing the best spot, the best light, the best framing and the best mood. I don't expect that others will like or appreciate the beauty of the captured scene. I capture it for me, and only me!

In times like this, where we have climate catastrophes, wars, explicit governmental corruption, and so on and so forth, the little things are the things that keep me going!


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