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Can you communicate your projects?

As researchers and educators we have an obligation to transmit knowledge to all kinds of audiences. Knowing how to communicate this knowledge is paramount!

Photographs, videos and illustrations are great tools to help in this communication!

The photos above are some examples of how we can photograph during fieldwork! All these photos were taken during fieldwork in Rwanda, as part of my PhD.

1. Showing some photos to a curious boy.

2. My supervisor, Prof. Johan Uddling, showing a computer to a group of curious boys.

3. Measurements of leaf-gas exchange using a Licor Machine.

4. Measuring light absorption capacity of a leaf using a SPAD chlorophyll meter machine.

5. Collecting leaf material for weight measurements, nutrient analysis and other measurements.

6. Improvised measuring station in the forest.

7. Published paper on the study in question.


Thomas Berg

Friederike Breuer

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